1 /drINk/ noun
1 (C) an amount of liquid that you drink: Can I have a drink of water, please? | soft drink (=a non-alcoholic drink): They sell ice-cream and soft drinks.
2 (C, U) alcohol, or a glass or bottle of alcohol: Have another drink. | There was lots of food and drink left over from the party. | a stiff drink (=very strong alcohol): After that news I need a stiff drink! | go out for a drink: BrE (=go to a pub) | take to drink (=start drinking a lot of alcohol regularly) | stand sb a drink (=buy someone a drink, especially because they do not have enough money) | a drink problem (=difficulty in limiting the amount of alcohol you drink so that it affects your life)
3 drinks (plural) BrE a social occasion when you have alcoholic drinks and sometimes food: Don't forget we're invited to the Jones' for drinks on Sunday.
4 the drink informal the sea, a lake, or other large area of water
—see also: drive sb to drink drive 1 (4) 2 verb past tense drank, past participle drunk /drVNk/
1 (I, T) to take liquid into your mouth and swallow it: I don't need a glass, I'll drink from the bottle. | If you have a fever, drink plenty of water. | What would you like to drink?
2 (I) to drink alcohol, especially regularly or too much: He's been drinking heavily since his wife died. | don't/doesn't drink (=never drink alcohol): Whisky? No thanks, I don't drink. | drink and drive (=driving after you have drunk too much alcohol): a new campaign to stop drinking and driving at Christmas | drink like a fish (=regularly drink a lot of alcohol) | drink yourself unconscious/silly etc (=drink so much alcohol that you become unconscious etc): If he goes on this way he'll drink himself to death. | drink someone under the table (=drink more alcohol than someone else but not be as ill as them)
3 what are you drinking? spoken used to offer to buy someone a drink, especially in a pub
drink sth in phrasal verb (T) to look at or listen to something carefully and enjoy it: We spent the day drinking in the sights and sounds of Paris. drink to sth phrasal verb (T)
1 to wish someone success, good luck, good health etc before having an alcoholic drink: Let's drink to your success in your new job.
2 I'll drink to that! spoken used to agree with what someone has said
drink sth up phrasal verb (T) to drink all of something: Come on, drink up your milk.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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